Enrique García, commercial director: “We are a reference”

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Enrique García, commercial director: “We are a reference”

“We are committed to technology, with environmental awareness and a healthy alimentation”

Enrique García Fernández is our commercial director. With more than 25 years of experience working at IVS Iberica, The time has come for us to get to know him a little more and to talk a bit about IVS Iberica, the vending world or… his favourite snack!


If you had to define IVS Iberica, how would you do it?

If I had to define us in one word it would be “benchmarker”. Nowadays, we are one of the national and international leading companies in the vending sector. Supported by IVS Group and IVS Italia, as an operational “benchmarker”, right now we are committed to technology, raising awareness with care of the environment (Your Best Planet) and healthy eating (Enjoy Your Natural Break). All this is defined with our Vending Made Responsible concept.

Over the years, how has IVS Iberica evolved since its beginnings? 

IVS Iberica started in Spain in 1987… That’s a long time ago! Our big potential and interest in growing, led us to be, in a brief period, but hard and exciting at the same time, one of the leading national operators.  In the last 10 years and due to the acquisition of companies in our sector, we have been growing both in volume and territorially, currently having 14 subsidiaries in the most important cities of Spain and being benchmarks.

Being “benchmarker”, what new service are you currently implementing?

The possibility of making payments with our app, the wide range of sustainable, social products (UTZ)  and adapted to all kinds of customers (celiac, vegans, etc.) or using your own cup when your use one of our distributors are some of the novelties. Related to sustainability, this novelties helps us control and reduce plastic consumption (Your Best Plastic Control). We also offer our customers the possibility of easy and selective recycling.

And to the customers, what would you say to them is Your Best Break?

Your Best Break it’s the best time of day. It’s the moment when you enjoy your daily pause and forget about everything. It is at that time when we can be in contact with the final consumer. It is also a community at social networks in which we invite everyone to share their break.

If you were a customer in making the decision to hire a vending service, what argument would you give to join the Your Best Break family?

That we lead you to a break of sensations, values ​​and quality. In addition, we can offer the highest technology, as well as the trendy products demanded by the users, designing together with them the spaces that they give us so that they experience a quality break. To be the best.


What do you think is what customers value most when hiring a vending service?

The effort we are making, in the case of IVS Iberica, to change and strengthen automatic distributors, stop being simple “bad” coffee machines and
refreshments dispenser. Today we have to generate a pause every day of more quality and in more pleasant spaces, with products for all tastes.

According to your experience, what are trends now in vending?

Using technology to offer customers all the possibilities at making a purchase, (APP, credit cards, wallets, proximity cards, etc.), to the option of eating healthy at an automatic distributor.

What makes the differences between IVS Iberica and other companies?

We differentiate ourselves by the speed and efficiency in the service, both in the replacement, and in the maintenance of the distributors. Our system allows us to know in detail the needs of customers: responding to the indecencies with immediately, since our staff is connected to delegations with GPRS technology.


If you go to a Your Best Break machine … what would you buy?

No doubt, coffee. It’s my favourite break and I never miss it.

Complete the sentence: “Your Best…. “.

… Quality Service.




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