The seller machine is safe2020-08-05T09:55:01+02:00


Just follow these few simple rules:

What we do:

We guarantee the safety of the food products in our vending machines.

Our service workers always use the appropriate PPE.

When we clean our vending machines, we always adhere to the hygienic and safety protocols.

We establish a safe distance with 1-metre-apart footprints stickers on the floor.

What you can do:

Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

If possible, use a mask when approaching a vending machine.

Where possible, reduce contact by using the coffee cApp, your credit card or keys.

Keep a safe distance without turning around.

Information materials and signage

  • A4 information sticker on rules to follow, to be applied to the vehicle door.
  • A3 information plaque on the occupancy of BREAK AREAS, to be printed and filled out with the maximum number of people allowed
  • Sanitized vending machine sticker
  • Protection rules sticker
  • Safe distancing floor stickers
  • Work / cleaning / maintenance signage
  • Floor tapes and vertical tapes
  • Sanitizing gel dispenser

Protective material in the vending machines