What’s “Your Best Plastic Control”?

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What’s “Your Best Plastic Control”?

Our commitment with ethical and social responsibility is strong. One of our goals is to make people’s life more sustainable and to  offer more respectful alternatives with the the environment. But now, it’s time to take it a step beyond. We are taking a step towards: Your Best Plastic Control from IVS Group.

A commitment

Your Best Plastic Control is a commitment with the environment to create a green future with day-to-day actions and sustainable alternatives. We did this by adhering to:

  • The Budget law 2018, which requires companies to adopt selective collection and recycling models.
  • The European Directive that promotes guidelines for reducing the use of plastics in disposable products.

A way to go

In 2018 we have already launched different actions such as:

Nowadays we continue strongly committed with our goal of a more sustainable future continuing with all the actions that we have applied before and even more that will come.

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