Your Best Green Water.  Our “microfiltred” water distributor

//Your Best Green Water.  Our “microfiltred” water distributor

Your Best Green Water.  Our “microfiltred” water distributor

At IVS Iberica we’ve just started a new project called Your Best Green Water in order to increase the sustainability of our own system by applying new measures that improve and complement our supplying options and help our clients to start new and environmentally friendly habits.

We tend to avoid tap water, but by doing it we generate a lot more waste. We have the solution, our microfiltred water distributor is a handy and secure way of consuming quality water.

As easy as drinking a glass

Our distributor offers mineral water and also sparkling and you can also choose the temperature. While it removes impurities and germs.

Discover all the advantages it offers:

  1. Water will always be at your disposal.
  2. You can order not only the water but also its temperature and if you want it sparkling.
  3. The distributor includes mechanical cleaning methods that will disinfect and vaporize the machine after every use.
  4. Thanks to it, people can use reusable bottles so it helps to reduce the waste.

Do you like our proposal for a Greener world?

Contact us  or call at the free phone 900 202 244.

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