Workers Day

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Workers Day

Your Best Break is possible thanks to the people who make up our company

This first of May, international day of working people, we want more than ever to give full recognition to the magnificent human team that makes IVS Iberica, in addition to being a great company, also a great family.

The pandemic has erupted without warning, society has had to adapt to changes and new measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Companies have had to implement new work processes very quickly, so we only have words of thanks for each one of the people who are part of IVS Iberica.

A professional team, an efficient company

Faced with the new reality that we have all had to deal with, we have found a great team of people who have shown the utmost professionalism. All of them have responded side by side with the company, adapting to the circumstances without losing their enthusiasm for what they do.

His great capacity for adaptation, involvement and commitment shown in these difficult times, have strengthened the sense of belonging to IVS Iberica. In addition to the values of service, excellence and quality of our company, we have also strengthened empathy, perseverance, enthusiasm and companionship.

From this we will leave together

All the departments of IVS Iberica, from the first to the last, have shown their desire to push forward and to continue offering our clients the best service. In these moments, making “Your Best Break” is more important than ever and all our effort has gone, will and will always go in that direction.

Thanks! We are proud of the great human team that we form.

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