We interview Mirko Franco, Head of the Integrated Management System

//We interview Mirko Franco, Head of the Integrated Management System

We interview Mirko Franco, Head of the Integrated Management System



We can say that the “Quality System” no longer exists, today there is the concept of an Integrated Management System that tends to continuous improvement in various areas: safety, environment, HACCP protocols, energy efficiency, social sustainability.

We believe that a company that addresses the aforementioned issues, striving every day to improve its processes both at the “core business” level, as well as energy management, logistics, corporate, ethical-social well-being and that strives to maintain a correct level of Governance in the relationship with your investors, you will have a more positive business climate, a lower turnover and absenteeism rate, you will be able to attract and maintain the best resources and increase your reputation, consequently increasing the trust and loyalty of customers and consequently of consumers end.

To meet all the requirements in this matter, we spoke with our head of the Integrated Management System: Mirko Franco.


 Since when has the quality department existed at IVS Ibérica?

Since 2012 when the company management decided to join the Group’s principles of certifying and maintaining a Quality system, that is, in accordance with international ISO standards.

Quality System that over time has become an Integrated Management System, we foresaw that it was going to be a symbol of prestige and avant-garde.

What is IVS Iberica’s policy?

Within the Integrated Management System of IVS Iberica there is not a single policy, but several depending on the certification obtained (quality and environment, food safety, security, energy management) that require specific behaviors and objectives. In more practical terms, it constitutes the business guidelines, disclosed at each of the levels of the corporate map and which, likewise, must be followed by all its members and which we can summarize as:

  • Risk and context analysis

  • Involvement and responsibility of staff in all processes

  • Processes based on HACCP principles

  • Greater efficiency and organizational uniformity

  • Good practices for the protection of workers

  • End consumer safety

  • Greater respect for environmental regulations

  • Strengthening customer focus

  • Protection of the environment and dialogue with stakeholders

  • Energy use and consumption

  • Work for a better ethical-social business management


What actions are carried out in the Integrated Management System department throughout a year?

There are many jobs and tasks that are carried out during a year, but the most important that may involve the Integrated Management System department both at IVS Ibérica and at the Group level are:

  • Preventive study and project activities with respect to changes that may occur at the regulatory level.

  • Operational control activities: adjustments to procedures and work instructions.

  • Collaboration activities with all the departments of the company, especially those with which they are in direct contact with customers.

  • Planned group activities such as audits of the Integrated System of the various business areas and Group certification audits.


What are your functions in the Integrated Management System department?

The purpose of the role, described in the Group’s organizational manual, is mainly to administer the company’s Integrated Management System in accordance with the requirements of the company’s regulations and policies, the requests of the Certification Body and the expectations of the Clients.

In particular:

  • Verify that the processes and work instructions of the Integrated Management System are always updated and in line with the needs, operational changes and / or regulations;

  • Integrate and make unique the corporate operating documents that must be validated at the Group level

  • Guarantee the update and exchange of documents to all staff.

  • Organize and coordinate company training courses to promote staff growth.

  • Implement systems to ensure the quality and safety of the finished product supplied by the Automatic Distributors.

  • Supervise with external entities the respect of compliance with the various regulations.

How is our integrated management system different from other companies in the sector?

We do not like it and we do not want to make comparisons, we only believe that in the Vending sector, our competitors have never had the need to reach an integration process as conceived in IVS.

How do you manage an incident with a client? And, with a final consumer?

As a general rule, at IVS Iberica, customer service records and classifies all incidents received by customers who, automatically through the computer system, send them to the personnel involved, creating alerts and actions to take. With this, the team involved can deal with cases with greater agility, share situations, collaborate when necessary and give a quick response to the end customer.

To end the interview, we would like you to complete the following sentence: IVS Iberica is …… an organization that can never stand idly by waiting, being mere observers of what is happening. The economic / productive system is changing and therefore it is our duty to seize the opportunity to project ourselves and to become an increasingly digitized company oriented towards sustainable innovation.


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