Together against “LITERING”

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Together against “LITERING”

One of the many things that make us proud of being part of the IVS Iberica is our commitment with the environment and his sustainability, with projects like #YourBestPlanet we want to start plenty of actions to make our planet a better place. With this intention we’ve joint the Libera Project” to, with the help of everyone, keep the planet clean.

What is the “Libera Project”?

It all began at 2017 when the environmental ONG, “SEO/BIRDLIFE” together with Ecoembes started it with the idea of cleaning our meadows and fields that right now are full of garbage. This is a citizen-based movement that wants to stop littering or at least minimize its effects. Furthermore, this is a call to action to join all together in order to save our rural areas and all her life.

What #Libera1m2 stands for?

Libera 1m2, Free 1m2 in English, it’s a concept that goes along with “Libera.” It’s goal is to prove that it’s possible to clean hundreds of meters with a little bit of effort of enough people. With this idea in mind they’ve got incredible results and have helped our planet, the nearest rural areas and all the biodiversity that lives there. To put it into practice we only need a couple of gloves and colored trash bags, to distinguish what goes to each container, so there’s no excuse!

Moreover, starting this project they also want to create awareness to reduce the bad habits we are used to and has brought us to this situation. With plenty of little actions is possible to achieve big goals and this is the fundamental believe behind #Libera1m2.

Our grain of sand

The following Saturday, 7th March, our family will make our contribution and will collect all the litter of the Llobregat’s riverbank, at his course by Sant Feliu de Llobregat. If you want to know more about our experience follow us on our social media because we’ll explain it there.

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