This has been our 2019

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This has been our 2019

Now, at the end of the year it’s time to look back. Here, at IVS Iberica we’ve had a 2019 full of new projects, products and even more corporate social responsibility. Do you want to refresh it? Keep reading.

Our commitment with the planet: Your Best Planet commitment.

Because we belive in a green and blue future our commitment is strong and based on information and awereness. How have we done it?

  1. Spreading our environmental message to our followers in the social networks.
  2. With internal actions like the promotion of recycling and reusing. Moreover, we’ve added some GLP, electric or hybrid vehicles to our fleet.
  3. Making deals with top companies like Ambilamp, Ecopilas, Ecolec, Ecombes or Ecofimática.

The importance of a healthy and committed alimentation: Your Best Good Food

Because we care about our customers alimentation now we have more bio, ecological, sustainable and solidary products in our automatic distributors than ever before. This has been possible thanks to the addition of drinks like “Appleteiser” (a canned apple juice) or snacks like “Be-Kind” that are both healthy and natural.
Moreover, in our coffee machines we are looking for the elimination of sugar and the use of UTZ coffee or high quality bio milk.

IVS Iberica, a commited company

This 2019 we have created and started a gender equality plan that implies a series of measures that are looking for the promotion of equal treat and opportunities between the men and women from IVS Iberica.

Furthermore, we offer to our workers formations in labor security, food handling, new technologies, languages or commercial marketing trying to make our workers grow up and improve with us.

Finally we have strengthened our links with the community and have achieved the following certifications: Certificado Asociación Solidaria La Teulada; Certificado Fundació Banc dels Aliments de Barcelona; Certificado Fundació Banc dels Aliments de Lleida; Certificado Hospital Vall d’Hebron; Certificado Fundació Marato TV3; y Certificado MillaXperience.

New clients, new products

This have been a key year to grow with even more clients (both in the public and private sector). However, this does not mean that we’ve ignored our previous clients we’ve been working every day to keep our clients and costumers satisfied and we say loud and proud that lots of them have renewed their agreements with us.

Regarding to our “coffee office” we also have included more UTZ products and HORECA machines to improve the experience of our customers. Our spaces are full of color, trendy machines invite to take a break with a drink or snack.

ISO renewals

We have renewed our ISO certifications (9001, 22000, 14001, 18001) and the ANEDA QUALITY SYSTEM) certification that is the quality seal from the Spanish National Automatic Distributors Association or ANEDA as their Spanish initials stands for.
Even more, this year we have also added the quality seal from the Catalan Vending Association (ACVQS)

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