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The personalized coffee break

Cappuccino? Black coffee? Cut? Coffee with milk or Bio milk? …. Tell me which coffee you prefer and I will tell you how you are. Because we are not all the same, each one needs a different coffee break. At IVS Iberica we know the importance of a good coffee when it comes to making our well-deserved daily break, but if you are tired of conventional vending machine coffees that lack soul, this article interests you.

The quality of the coffee

The vacuum hood where the beans are located is at a controlled temperature. For this reason, our coffee always stays fresh and with its original aroma.

Variety of measures

We offer you a wide variety of measures, from the standard glass to the LARGE or XL. Because tasting the best espresso or new temptations is also a matter of size.

Premium recipes

To the traditional coffees are added our special recipes: cappuccinos, caffee lattes, caffe mocha, chocolate, Irish coffee, hazelnut, gianduiotto, ciocopocket. All the combinations with the best ingredients and with our organic milk. Also, if you want to give it a different touch, you can find different toppings to add to your coffee such as caramel or vanilla.

Snack Corner

Coffee is important but accompanied by a good snack is better. Our machines will make you complete your experience thanks to our Snack Corner. You can choose “Your Best Menu” by adding a snack to your hot drink to complete your breakfast, we have several menus. In addition, we have also created the Wellness Corner, a space especially dedicated to healthy products.

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