The History of vending machines

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The History of vending machines

Vending machines have a long history, but few know that the true inventors were the Egyptians. Specifically, the idea came from Heron of Alexandria who in ancient Egypt invented a machine to dispense holy water in the temples of Thebes and Upper Egypt.

The water was used to wash the face and hands before entering the interior of the temple. These machines were at the entrance of the temple and already at that time it worked with coins of five drachmas.

The system was very simple, inside the machine there was a scale that, when detecting the weight of the coin, caused it to go down and open the water valve. The coin would end up falling completely and the balance would return to its original position, closing the valve.

The most recent history of vending

In 1880 the first vending machines that worked with current currency began to be used. It was the owner of an English publishing house, Richard Carlisle, who used a vending machine to sell his books.

Later, in 1888, the inventor of chewing gum, Thomas Adams, introduced the first vending machines to the New York subway. The most successful product was the Tutti- Fruiti chewing gum.

In the early 1920s, the first automatic vending machines began to dispense carbonated drinks. The Californian company Vendorlator Manufacturing Company included Coca-Cola and Pepsi in its vending machines for the first time.

Vending today

Today, the manufacturers of vending machines are in a continuous search to improve the user experience both in the way of dispensing the product, as well as facilitating the payment methods.

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