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Technology in your hands

Our main objective is you to have the best break area. A place to take a minute in your day to day activities because a break always comes in handy. In order to do so, at IVS Group we keep innovating in the creation of our customized automatic distributors. How do we do it? Putting the best technology on the market at the service of break areas.

Recently, our vending machines comes with multi-touch selection screens that allow us to offer a faster and interactive way to consume in our distributors. Want to know more? Keep reading!

 Touch screen

We have a touch screen system where, through an intuitive screen, you can choose the product you want at any time. In addition, while you’re choosing the product we give detailed information about it: ingredients, calories, etc.

Even more, during the purchase process… you will not be bored! Thanks to the touch screen you can interact with our dynamic content: hobbies or horoscopes.

Always in touch

Our vending machines also have telemetry thanks to which there’s an inmediate communication between the machine and our team. When a product is about to run out, at IVS Iberica we already set out to replace it. Even more, if there is any issue with the machine, we may be able to fix it in a few hours.

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