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A summer Your Best Break

“Summer is here, it’s here …” At last! We can say it louder, but not clearer: Summer has arrived! And although we must act responsibly, we are eager to make millions of plans. If you want to have a summer with our label, we recommend two plans that you cannot stop doing. Let’s go there!

A little science …    

Because this summer we also want to learn! So we invite you to visit us while you spend a day in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. For a few months, our automatic distributors have been in every corner of this enclave. We are already waiting for you when you decide to stop along the way.

… and a good dose of art

Las Meninas, La Maja Desnuda, La Rendición de Breda… all these historical paintings and many more can be found in the Museo Del Padro in Madrid. Because when the heat hits … what better than to take refuge in a museum and get lost in its corridors? Also, between work of art and work of art, look for us! A vending machine from Your Best Break awaits you for your break.

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