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Our commitment to the environment is one of the pillars that constitutes the essence, Both at the business and personal level, of IVS Iberica. In order to enhance our commitment and care of the planet, IVS Iberica is part of ECOEMBES, A non-profit organization dedicated to the recovery of containers in the Spanish territory.


The importance of sustainability and recycling

In fact, there are few actions that we do from IVS Iberica to collaborate with the preservation of the environment: We have automatic distributors with high efficiency energy saving, a fleet of GNC and electric vehicles, photovoltaic panels that produce renewable energy, homologated suppliers and the newly implemented new reusable bags.

Now, together with ECOEMBES, we continue to work to bring new ideas and actions that allow us to go beyond, With the aim of improving and advancing in this area.


The future is green and blue

Our commitment is strong and constant: we believe in environmental and economic efficiency, and so we have adhered to the struggle to get recycling and sustainability to grow.

But, This mission cannot be achieved alone: it is a joint struggle. Bring your grain of sand! Collaborate with us and let’s make this planet a better place: a green and sustainable planet.



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