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New space Your Best Break

We serve the “Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències” in Valencia

At IVS Iberica we have been chosen to serve the “Ciutat de les Arts and  Ciències” de Valencia, specifically in the Umbracle and staff areas. A collaboration that makes us proud for two reasons:

  • Due to the strict hygiene protocols applied at all Your Best Break service points.
  • For having incorporated state-of-the-art machines, such as the Tritech or Green Water, in our distribution points, which favor the circular economy and help to take care of the environment.

State of the art distributors

The latest generation machines installed in La Ciutat de les Arts and Ciències represent energy savings. In addition, they have a variety of selected products such as fair-trade coffee and healthy snacks; for those who want to enjoy their favorite product at their favorite moment.

In the awarded areas, all plastic containers have been eliminated and we have added the Tritech machine, which allows the reduction of the volume of waste, thanks to a correct selective collection.

The user only has to insert the soft drink and water containers in the indicated space, and a procedure is automatically started to compress the product and leave it ready for collection.

On the other hand, the Green Water machine allows the user to go with their bottle and / or purchase it from the machines and fill it with water.

In addition, we have an exhaustive cleaning of the machines, with special dedication in the contact points and the minimum contact in the process of replacing the products.

Innovation at the service of the environment

Thanks to the innovation and technology provided by the new Tritech and Green Water machines, we contribute to caring for the environment by:

  • The efficiency of recycling (Tritech)
  • The quality of selective collection (Tritech)
  • The ecological habit of reduction (Tritech and Green Water)
  • The reduction of the volume of waste (Tritech and Green Water)
  • The facilitation, stimulation and simplification, which allows selective collection. (Tritech)
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