Juan Cordoba, representative of the new IVS Iberica Delegation in Cadiz

//Juan Cordoba, representative of the new IVS Iberica Delegation in Cadiz

Juan Cordoba, representative of the new IVS Iberica Delegation in Cadiz

“Our approach is to risk, growth and be wherever we’re needed”

Juan Córdoba ,the person in charge of IVS Iberica Seville and now IVS Iberica Cadiz talk with us


How do you face the challenge of starting a new IVS Iberica delegation in Cadiz?

It’s a huge responsibility but also give us an incredible opportunity to show all that IVS Iberica can offer to the business and consumers of Cádiz.

What do you think that Your Best Break has to offer with this new delegation?

Lots of things. But if I’ve to choose, I would go with our coffees and BIO milk exclusivity and excellence and, of course, the effort and technology we put into receiving and adapting to our consumers feedback. To sum up, our high quality all-around service.

Which are your goals and how do you face them?

The first one will be consolidate and announce Your Best Break in southern Spain. We want to reach as much companies as possible and offer them our exceptional service and personal relation. Show how we work in the vending sector and give our clients a customized service.

 What makes IVSIberica different from your competitors?

Our group is evolving every day. We always try to improve our services with peak technology in the sector, offering healthier products or creating Your Best Brek areas to generate unique and adapted experiences.

What would you say to a potential new client when triyng to add him to Your Best Break family?

At IVS Iberica you’ll recive a personalized experience. We listen to your needs and carefully design a customized service to meet not only the needs but also the desires. Starting from the space planification going through the installation of the best machines till the election of which product options fit you the most.

Do you believe that promoting good consumption habits, also at the vending machines, can help the companies take care of their employees and clients?

A good alimentation plays a key role in keeping being mentally and physically healthy. That’s why we do our best in offering so many healthy products and why we are now trying to integrate them in our more traditional sets, to reach all of our consumers whenever they’re needed.

 At IVS Iberica we look for sustainability offering measures like Plastic Control and promoting the circular economy. Do you think that Andalusian companies also care for it and will choose a more environmental concerned vending?

Of course! Nowadays we live in a more concerned society and southern Spain companies are not an exception.  We’ve been looking for new materials and endorsed the recycling process and Andalusian costumers have also added to this trend.


Which changes have been taking place in the sector due to the COVID-19 crisis?

We live in a changing era that force us to adapt quickly to the new standards and challenges. Companies are now applying new working methods that imply new distributions of the common space and more flexibility in the employees schedules. These changes require some adaptation of our schedules also and new resources and designs.

Do you think that this changes we are all going through are only due to COVID-19 or they also respond to long-term trends?

It depends, some of them we already knew it was a matter of time. For example, different ways of family conciliation and more flexible work hours.

Which is, in your opinion, the most important lesson our sector needs to learn for the times to come?

We must be sincere and endorse our mutual confidence relation with the clients. We need to be able to explain that our Service is secure and change the disposition of the machines and the designs of the areas to guarantee that consumers can use them without agglomerations around the distributors.

According to your experience ¿Which are the new trends in the vending sector?

New paying methods, more interaction with the costumers using electronic platforms and an increasingly environmental responsible and concerned vending.

Each market is different. What do you think the market in Seville and Cadiz needs, and what can we offer them that they do not currently have?

As I see it, a general modernitzation of the distributors is needed, the implementation of new paying methods and, of course, better coffe blends. Moreover, for me seems mandatory to interact a lot more with the clients to make known everything that it’s been made about recycling and healthier products also.

As a conclusion for the interview, Can you end the following sentence? IVS Iberica is

Your Best Quality Service”


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