March 8, International Women’s Day

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March 8, International Women’s Day

Our commitment to equality

At IVS Iberica we are committed to achieving gender equality, and commemorating March 8 is the festive and representative expression of this will.

The current health situation doesn’t allow us to get together and celebrate it, but we do not want to stop transmitting to our staff the position of IVS Iberica in the fight against any abuse that can be committed in the work environment.

For this and as a measure of prevention, protection and guarantee of equal opportunities between women and men; We want to remember that all workers who may feel violated by suffering a case of sexual harassment or for reasons of sex have at their disposal the PROTOCOL that guarantees total confidentiality, in an environment of support and empathy.


The areas of our equality plan

In September 2019 at IVS Iberica we began the implementation of our first equality plan in different areas:

Employment access area

  1. Fostering a balanced representation of men and women in the different professional groups.

Promotion and training area

  1. Reviewing the promotion criteria to ensure that they don’t imply inequalities between men and women.
  2. Carrying out a training action on equality.

Compensation area

  1. Carrying out a salary study by positions, by sex and by province.

Reconciliation area

  1. People with permits, leave of absence or reductions in working hours for childcare are taken into account in training and promotion processes.

Non-sexist language and communication area

  1. We have a protocol of criteria and recommendations for the use of inclusive language and a non-sexist image: NON-SEXIST LANGUAGE GUIDE.

Gender violence area

  1. We inform and train RRHH professionals in matters of legally established rights for women victims of gender violence.
  2. We facilitate the adaptation of the working day, shift change or flexibility for women who may be victims of gender violence.
  3. Carrying out an awareness campaign among the staff on the occasion of November 25, the international day for the elimination of violence against women.


Contact us  or call us toll free 900 202 244.

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