How do we install and customize a vending machine?

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How do we install and customize a vending machine?

At IVS Iberica we are working as hard as always -while we respect and implement not only the mandatory measures but also some additional ones- to keep growing and to be able to satisfy all of your needs with our distributors, both if you’re already a costumer or if you’re going to be one. With this post we pretend to answer all the doubts you might have when asking for the installation of one of ours Your Best Break vending machines.

One square meter is all you need

Did you know that with only 1m2 you can already have a vending machine at your workplace for free? We can adapt to all kinds of situations and according with the amount space you have we can design even a break area or a coffee corner.

An incredible range of possibilities

Which options are the best for me? If you want you can come to our installations to get a better idea of what we offer. Here, you’ll test the variety of coffee, products and drinks we dispose of. Having so many possible combinations for sure that one of them will fit you well.

How can we provide excellent and customized services not only to big clients but also to the regular ones?

We start by doing a design study of the client and the services he demands. From there, we value hoy much investment will be required and according to the results of the study and the consume requirements needed to balance the investment we sign the service contract and start designing the Break Area.

Once it’s all set and done the client can keep customizing the You Best Break service by applying special promotions, healthier or vegan products, sustainable options… Always according to the client preferences and suggestions.

An adapted contract

All the services goes around the contract but if it’s rescinded, with all the requirements met, it’ll not have any additional cost to the client.

Contact us

Have more questions? Get in contact with this with this link. Finally, due to the special situation we are going through we follow strict security and health protocols as you can see here.

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