Headlines sustainability report 2020

//Headlines sustainability report 2020

Headlines sustainability report 2020

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a year marked worldwide by Covid-19. A pandemic that has left its mark in all areas: social, economic, business, political, cultural…

Despite all this, at IVS Group we have continued to work towards sustainability. We have reflected all this work in our “Sustainability Report 2020” which you can now consult in detail on our website [URL]. In the next few lines, we detail the most important points of it.

What can be found in the 2020 sustainability report?

  • What is sustainability for IVS Group.
  • How is our environmental responsibility.
  • Our actions that work in favor of the environment.
  • Our commitment to customers and workers.

What is sustainability for IVS Group

“Responsible Vending, and through this principle, recognizes the sustainability Goals dictated by the United Nations, focusing its efforts in different areas, trying to make a contribution to guarantee the well-being of humanity and the planet” (Page 31)

How is our environmental responsibility

“Defending the environment is a duty towards life (…) Energy consumption is reduced in all the Group’s territories (…) Energy consumption is constantly controlled (…) Greater importance for eco-sustainable vehicles” (Pages 38 to 40)

Our actions that work in favor of the environment

“Production of clean energy from coffee (…) We plant trees to combat desertification (…) Clean rivers (…) Review of computer equipment” (Pages 50 to 54)

Our commitment to clients and workers

“The policy adopted by the Group’s companies, at a time when everything came to a standstill, was based on four main pillars: protecting workers in the workplace; support the economy and the demand for labor; support work and income; and find shared solutions through social dialogue ” (Page 63)

“The Customer Service Department verifies the activities carried out by the Replenishment Manager, handles complaints and conducts customer satisfaction surveys” (Page 77)

If you are interested in knowing the complete sustainability report, we invite you to read it enjoying a good break here 


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