GEDIA Automotive Group trust in Your Best Break

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GEDIA Automotive Group trust in Your Best Break

At GEDIA Automotive Group they have opted for our vending machines at their facilities in Barcelona. We spoke with Claudia Ramos, head of marketing and communication at GEDIA, and with Jaume Casals, delegate of IVS Iberica in Lleida, to know first-hand how the process by which GEDIA workers already enjoy our breaks has been.

GEDIA’s visión

Why have you taken the step to choose Your Best Break?

Claudia Ramos: “We have been with vending service in the company for more than 20 years (…) The main difference has not been only the product, but the attention (…) They are always open to suggestions, trying to improve and listen as they they adapt at every moment to our needs“.

What do you want to offer your workers in this new space, Your Best Break?

Claudia Ramos: “We are looking for areas where they can disconnect from the industrial environment (…) We want our workers to enjoy a disconnection area to eat, have a coffee or just chat”.

How has the process of creating this space been?

Claudia Ramos: “At all times Jaume Casals understood the idea and we were able to work hand in hand on this project. When you work looking for the same goal and accompanied, the result is excellent for everyone ”.

In your moment of rest… what is your favorite break?

Claudia Ramos: “Between meetings or when I finish a task, I drink coffee and relax. Sometimes it is a coffee, sometimes it is fruit, sometimes it is that cola to charge energy ”.

The vision of Your Best Break

What is more important when carrying out a joint project with the client?

Jaume Casals: “That the client is comfortable and feels that they can share any idea with us to develop the project together and that we are open to listening to their needs in order to commit to them“.

How is the process of creating the space with the client?

Jaume Casals: “You must let their creativity fly (…) When you make them participate, they automatically become accomplices for the common goal that is none other than the satisfaction of their employees”.

What is the point that makes the difference between Your Best Break and other slot machines?

Jaume Casals: “I think we have the ability to adapt to market trends in a dynamic and competitive way and always with the best technologies and equipment“.

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