For a modern Company with equal opportunities

IVS Iberica is a modern company with peak technology and designs that looks for reinforce his transverse axes of ecological sustainability and gender equal opportunities even further.

At 2017, IVS Iberica increased his number of employees and we decided it was time to elaborate or own equality plan. In order to do so we choose “EULEN Sevicios Sociosanitarios”, a company of the EULEN Group, with more than 30 years of experience and recently awarded with the quality seal EFQM600 that guarantee their skill as Equality plans Consultors.

The human resources department as long as the marketing one pointed the need of not only assure the legal requirements but also work beyond them. Being proactive to design our own standards and working together, investing lots of working hours face to face or telematically, to fulfill them.

IVS Iberica Equality plan

Our plan include, among other elements, an harrasement protocol, a human resources guide and a non-sexist lenguaje guide. In addition, to some sensibilitzation actions the March 8th and November 25.

Due to the sector in which we act as a company and the inherited gender roles of our society we have a masculinized employee workforce. We have taken it into consideration and thanks to that and the effort put in the pedagogical part of plan the and in the inside communication, designed to assure that every worker understand the plan and knows how to behave, there’ve been an amazing improve in the working atmosphere. Mostly because of the several actions designed to promote the labor conciliation.

A future of opportunities for our Company and employees

During all this year at IVSIberica we’ve been working for knowing better our own organization and members, opening new communication ways with our employees and looking for creating new bonds, beyond the labor relation, between our workers. In fact, that was one of the reasons behind the sensibilitzation actions that have been done this year.

2021 will be an even more important year in this area. The entry into force of the “Real Decretos” that regulate the elaboration of the equality plans and equal retribution seems to indicate a new and more ambitious steps in our common way to formal and real gender equality.  Even more, it set the companies as agents of social change.

To sum up, the mandatory plans are also opportunities of rethinking our activity and frame equality in the CSR of the modern and sustainable companies.



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