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Discover coffe cApp

We present the first App for your Coffe Break. It’s a new easy and secure way of using our Your Best Break machines. Want to know more? Keep reading!

What’s coffe cApp?

Coffe cApp is the result of years of experience at the sector. It has been created to satisfy the needs and meet the demands of our clients and it’s still a work in progress App ‘cause we’ll keep investing and improving it. Now able for Android and iOS.

How does it work?

The App has been designed to be as intuitive as possible. The user pay the products using his “wallet” that can be filled both with his credit card or cash at any distributor compatible with the App.

Even more advantages:

With the App the user can choose between payment methods but coffecApp also offers other advantatges such as:

  • Contact us inmediatly if any there’s any problema with the distribuitor.
  • Asking for an inmediate refund if there’s any problem with the purchase.
  • Additional security, the App uses a secure payment plataform that guarantee the acces to a secured server and the confidenciality of all the user data.
  • Acces to the purchase and refund history.
  • Exclusive promotions for users.
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