Customer care position

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Customer care position

Here, at IVS Iberica we all work to make our clients trust us and to help them get their well-deserved break. That’s why we are creating new job positions specialized in guarantying a quality service at all our sales points.

About the customer care

We introduce the customer care position which has the goal of visiting the 99% of the assigned points, certifying that we are offering the best service.

What does a customer care do?

The customer care is the quality supervisor and also the link between the client and our “backstage”. He or she manages everything that is goes around with the distributor, anticipating every possible anomaly that may occur, passing his or her assessments and making all is needed with all the involved departments, such as the operative logistic, the technical one or the commercial, to solve any problem in time.

With the customer care we are founding a dynamic department that has the purpose of certifying the “best break”. This cross-sectional approach makes us more efficient and problem-solving because now we have, and manage, more information that make us react a lot faster with any problem and also with any opportunity to improve. With this new job tittle we are creating a solution chain able of solving everything even before the customer realize there’s a problem.

This regular checking make all our coffee break areas to become an unique and customized experience in all the senses.

New positions, better services and more quality. Enjoy our distributors we are taking care of everything!

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