We obtain a Covid-19 certificate

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We obtain a Covid-19 certificate

At IVS Iberica we have recently obtained the “ANEDA CERTIFICATE WITH THE COVID-19 PROTOCOL“. Let’s see now what this certificate means

Covid-19 Protocol

ANEDA (Asociación Nacional Española de Distribuidores Automáticos) has issued a certificate to companies that meet a series of parameters that make the automatic vending machine safe. That is, companies that have protocols for action and adaptation to the current pandemic situation.

For us it is important to obtain this certification, since it shows the effort we have made to keep vending safe.

Why is vending safe?

If you are still one of those who think that vending isn’t safe, here are some of the reasons with which you will surely change your mind.

  • The containers are for single use only. They are not manipulated.
  • Quick purchase. Without displacement.
  • Sale without contact between people.
  • Payment by card or mobile applications.
  • Disinfection protocols of the distributors several times a day.

In addition, as always, we recommend the use of a mask when using the machine, keep a safe distance and wash your hands with gel before and after using the machine.

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