Actions to fight against Climate Change

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Actions to fight against Climate Change

October 24th is the International Day against Climate Change. What is its goal? To spread awareness of the issue in order to keep the fight throughout the year. The United Nations defines climate change as “a long-term variation in temperatures and weather patterns. This variation can be natural or human-caused.” We are the people who right now have the power to take serious actions on climate change.

At IVS Iberica we are fully engaged in taking care of the planet.  We want a greener future and that is why we have taken action to add our grain of sand to this global fight. How are we doing it Read:

Firm commitment to the use of Solar Energy

We have installed solar panels at our headquarters in Barcelona. Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of our warehouse, our facilities produce renewable energy, which allows to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Green-energy vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles is made up of latest generation vehicles that guarantee a reduced environmental impact. In addition to electric and liquefied gas vehicles to reduce emissions even more.

Changes in lighting

We are in the process of replacing lights and fluorescents to LED lights. The main advantages of LED lights are: energy saving, long lifespan, consequently, they’re more ecological.

Improving our products

We have started information campaigns on the use of new, more sustainable materials, such as paper cups and wood stirrers.

More durable Vending Machines

We are also clearly committed to extending the lifespan of our vending machines as much as possible

To learn more about our actions in support of climate change, visit our website.

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