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About IVS Group

Since we were only a small local bussines at 1971 till what we know today as IVS Group have passed more than 40 years. Nowadays, we’ve become leaders in Italy and the second biggest operator in Europe with a significant presence at Spain, France and Switzerland.

Want to know about our journey? This are some key moments in our history:

1971: Cesare Cerea founds at Italy the company “Cerea Distributori Automatici Srl”.  Using his great expirience at the food sector he installed the first vending machine.

1972: Cesare Cerea and Pietro Gualdi create “Bergamo Distributori Srla” a pathfinder in the vending sector at Italy.

1984: “Bergamo Distributori Srla” becomes a S.p.A, after reciving an increase 300 million italian liras in his social capital. After that, borns “Elledi Srl” with a social capital of 20 million Italian liras.

1989: “Elledi Sr” acquires stocks of the Spanish company: “Distribuidores Automáticos Vending S.L”.

2006: Thanks to a purchasing and merging process the group takes his actual form. This process allows our company to become leaders at Italy and to expand to Europe.

2012: IVS Group enters the stock market what confirms his commitment with growth.

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