A sustainable 2019

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A sustainable 2019

At IVS Iberica we define ourselves as a social responsible company that cares about environment and apply corporative wellness measures.

By doing it we accomplish a healthy working environment, a minor rotation rate and an appealing and maintaining capacity for new talents and assets. All of this improve our clients trust and therefore the consumers trust too.


Transparency is a key element in our report so it aims to show an actual image of the economic, social and environmental factors that defines our operating context.


The sustainability report aim to describe not only the organizations efforts but also how we deal with other relevant factors in terms of values, principles, risks and management systems.

Business ethical code

It’s important to highlight our ethical code that has been made and applied by our IVS Family and approved by the board of directors. It defines the ethical and moral principles that guide the behaviour that we all, as members of the group, must follow.

This code is only the next step in the social and ethical path that we’ve been following all these years, pursuing always our goals with regard to environmental and human rights.

Sustainability goals

We want to offer a responsible vending. We focus our efforts in different areas, always looking for opportunities of making our human or environmental wellness contribution. How we do it?

By putting into vale the food security and healthier options; creating strong relations with international suppliers; taking care of our workers wellness; promoting the gender equality and adopting sustainable production and consumption models.

Some of the social responsibility actions made by IVS Iberica at 2019

We’re always trying to do our best in social causes to help those who need it the most.

  • This Christmas we donated toys to the ill kids in the Hospital Vall d’Hebron.
  • We’ve donated more than 960kg of food this year to “el Banc d’Aliments de Catalunya”
  • We collaborate with the social compromised cooperative “Almè” that produces machines for us.

You can check the complete sustainability report with this link.

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