A healty commitment with the planet

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A healty commitment with the planet

Having healthy habits is realy important. That’s why at IVS Iberica we sell and help to promote healthy snacks that are included within Bio Break options.

Consumption habits change and the concern for healthy food is increasingly noticeable among our consumers. For this reason, healthy breaks have more space than ever in Your Best Breaks distributors.

Furthermore, did you know that a heatlhy food can also help the planet?

Healthy and natural eating, the constant improvement of the working environment, the promotion of solidarity and fair trade products. In addition, to environmental sustainability is our grain of sand, the way IVS Iberica contribute with the care of the planet.

A commitment based on facts

  • We work with suppliers that de not work with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and in our distributors you can find fair trade and PDO (Protected Denomination of Origin) products
  • We supply fresh foods with low fat and preservative content.
  • Automatic distributors have high efficiency energy savings.
  • In order to reduce our atmospheric emissions we’re using electric and LPG vehicles.
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