A Digital Break

//A Digital Break

A Digital Break

At IVS Iberica we want you to look for a complete digital experience when you approach one of our vending machines. Are you ready to savor this experience? Read on.

Digital coffee experience

Our vending machines are designed to adapt to all types of spaces, but we also want to adapt to the needs of each client. Users are looking for increasingly technological experiences, because a vending machine is much more than a place to go for a snack.

For this reason, we have created new machines that allow the user to interact thanks to the new touch interface. But what is it? Touch interface is a central screen located in the vending machine that allows to complete the vending experience. The products are not selected through buttons: the user configures his order through the screen.

In addition, payment has also become a digital tool. Customers can now pay with their cell phone through our coffee cApp

Do you want to know more? Contact us through our contact form you will find on our website  or call toll free 900 202 244. Your digital experience in the world of vending is waiting for you


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